lauantai 30. kesäkuuta 2012


On last Thursday I realized the meaning of true friendship.
The ones who aren't worth for you, and the ones, who are.
I'm back at home.
What a pity that I have to leave Helsinki tomorrow.
(but still, I want to believe that this night will be amazing)

" spots from the sun "

or white hair like ashes after fire
metallic glow on the top of her upper lip
Holy Mary earrings hanging next to her jawbones
lungs filling behind her fragile ribcase

or strawberry blond head
with freckles under her restless eyes
while wearing white lace dress
her face shining with morning sun
or green eyes telling stories from her past
just wanting to be treated well and kept close
but she would have heart of a nightingale
so fast beating - not able to love

or black haired girl
with 50's scarf decorating her gorgeous face
being so distant but still so close
like mist crawling on cold ground before dawn
or girl wearing shoes which aren't heels
using leather jackets, chainsmoking cigs
secretly listening indie even she looks like grunge
not showing her feelings when others are around

but best one would be somebody
who would adore and respect you desperately
just like you would feel about her
walking together along the thin border of cruel fate

written today at 18PM in glass walled café

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