maanantai 6. elokuuta 2012

тридцать второй

Hanging around at night in the city center, chilling under the bridge, drinking beer, spotting random guys skating on the roof of the gas station and watching gorgeous sunset.

[1] Inari rising from darkness, random
[2] Color attack on the concrete
[3] Favourite people + beer heehee
[4] Rovaniemi isn't as ugly as I usually think, huh?
[5] Silhuettes of Saara, Inari and Hannu
[6] Last fall me, Saara and Aatu were thinking whereto direction the blue sign was spinning. Nostalgia.
[7] Hungry Toni gets some food. Toni is happy.

Best what you can get, especially what comes to my company. Summer is too short.

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