maanantai 3. syyskuuta 2012

тридцать восьмой

Last weekend I was working in a small village called Kierinki with my homies Inari and Saara (+ my dog Dara). We slept only 5 hours per night and worked like 10 hours in a bar or a market each day, but even though it was extremely hard we had so fun!

These photos are taken on Friday while driving to our main direction and stopping to test the skate ramp of village called Unarin-Luusua.

[1] Yes, this is fucking Lapland!
[2] Critical Saara
[3] "Lapland back to reindeer"
[4] Inari being such a badasssss
[5] Faithful Beemer ♥
[6] Dara chilling

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  1. Amazing blog :) I follow You now and I hope that you like my blog too! Have a great sunday ❤

    xx San

  2. Jätkien kaa herrasmiesrikollisina!